Destiny Cards

"And I too the little book out of the Angle's hand and devoured it; and to my taste it was sweet as honey; but as soon as I had devoured it, it became bitter unto my inside."

"And he said unto me, you must prophesy again before many people and nations and tongues and kings."
- Rev. X, 10 and 11

The "little book," known for expressing the seven thunders or the voices of the seven planets, was the sole and initial guide of the mystic brotherhood. Have you heard of any other book small enough to fit in the hand? Nowadays, we refer to this "little book" of the "7 thunders" as Destiny cards. They were once sealed but have been revealed to us by Olney H. Richmond, the grand master of the inner temple of the ancient Magi order. In his Mystic Test Book, Olney asserts: "This little book, unique in its existence on our planet, possesses remarkable properties. It is so intricately sealed with symbolic meanings that its pages have long resisted interpretation."

Playing cards have been utilized for various card games involving skill and chance, and some are played for money. When Gypsies arrived in Europe in the 10th century A.D., they introduced palmistry and card reading. Gypsy girls began learning these arts at twelve, memorizing each card's meaning and interpreting their arrangement, as taught by their mothers. The most insightful among them gained fame for their accurate future predictions. However, the deeper knowledge of the emblems and numbers in Destiny Cards was exclusive to a select few in the order, who were pledged not to inscribe them on any material except for use in the Mystic Brotherhood's Temples.

4 Card Suits - Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

In the captivating realm of card suits, each one unfurls a distinct tapestry of symbolism and significance, weaving a narrative that transcends the ordinary deck of cards. Hearts, representing the youthful spirit of Spring and the fiery element, kindle the flames of love and camaraderie, igniting the passions of youth and the pursuit of beauty in all its forms. Clubs, aligned with the cerebral domain of Summer and the airy element, form the intellectual backbone of the deck, championing intelligence, communication, and the relentless quest for knowledge, making thinkers and problem-solvers out of those who bear their mark. Diamonds, as the emblem of adulthood during the Fall season and the element of water, encapsulate the pursuit of values and material wealth, revealing the intricate dance between materialism and spiritual worth in our lives. Finally, Spades, the embodiment of wisdom in the winter of our years and the grounding element of earth, exude an air of authority and depth, representing the enduring quest for truth and the unwavering willpower to navigate life's challenges, ultimately leading to the pinnacle of self-realization and spiritual growth. Each suit is a key to unlocking the mysteries of our existence, offering insights into the unique chapters of our journey through life, from the vibrant passions of youth to the profound wisdom of maturity.

Destiny Cards Suits

12 Court Cards: Kings, Queens, Jacks

12 court cards - the 12 months of the year. 4 Kings, 4 Queens, and 4 Jacks establish the 12-symbol throughout the pack of Destiny Cads. The Trinity of Father-Mother-Son, Positive-Negative-Neutral is 4 times repeated by the 4 suits. Twelve stands for the "House of the Lord", the "Many Mansions" which await His children, the "Houses" of the zodiac.

The symbolism of 12 is evident: the 12 months of the year, the 12 tribes of Israel, the 12 sons of Jacob, the 12 Apostles and original Disciples of our Lord.

As groups of 3, the Court Cards are all rulers in their own right. Kings rules as Kings and stand at the head of the pack, but Queens are ever beside them as co-rulers. It is the great example of the fact that the genus male cannot persist without the female. No Positive can exist without Negative. No action can take place without reaction. Kings represent the Positive and Active, Queens the Negative and Receptive. Jacks, being both active and receptive, represent the Neutral.

Your birth card can be the one of the 12 crown cards. You can also have the court card in your life path. The court cards are also known as the Personality Cards for natives of any card from the Aces to the Tens.

Destiny Cards 2 Colors - Black And Red

There is an esoteric significance of the Red and the Black color, but there are not applicable to the life of he individual as Light and Darkness or Ease and Misfortune. We may regard them as a pair of opposites under the Law of Polarity.

13 Cards In Each Suit

13 cards in each suit - the 12 Signs of the zodiac plus the Sun.

Destiny Cards 2 Special Numbers: 7 and 9

At the very foundation of all symbolism lie mathematics and geometry. The Universe itself is built up on exact geometrical and mathematical principles. The number Seven is interwoven throughout the very warp an woof of Nature's handiwork. In all ancient books we find a divine plan of sevens extending through the pages.

The number 7 is the soul in nature. The sacred number of the Magi, and one that has been known in the symbolism as the strangest of all, is this


Composed of twice 7: 4 times 7: 8 times 7 with the Ego (number 1) added to the last figure.

7*2=14. 7*4=28. 7*8 = 56 + 1 = 57

If you divide the number of the Infinite (100000000000000+) by 7, the end result is 142857. Keep the division to all eternity and you get nothing but the sacred number 142857 over and over.

The number 7 is the center of each suit of the Destiny Cards.

Multiply the sacred number by 7 and you receive a product all in nines.

The number 9 represents the another phase of symbolism - the duality of the physical, plus the deific seven: 2+7=9. Therefore in Tarot we fund a wonderful blending of these two numbers in harmonious relations in thousands of ways.

What is Your Birth Card?

The Joker In Destiny Cards Vs. The Card Of The FOOL In Tarot

Destiny cards represent the full year - the amount of days the Earth travels around a Sun. Four seasons are represented by suits of destiny cards. 13 cards in each suit multiplied by 4 suits make 52 days. The 52 emblems being multiplied by the 7 planets make the days in the year, less one. There is no ruling card for the 31th of December. The Ancient therefore used the 365th day of the year as a holiday, or festival day, doing no work upon that day. The one quarter of a day that makes one full day each four year, is represented by the card of Joker.

The Joker is associated with beautiful, the highest card in the Tarot pack, the Card of The FOOL. It seems that the foolish little fellow - the Joker - has not much to do with the master number 22. The initiate-teachers of old deliberately concealed much of their priceless wisdom from the "profane" by words or pictures which conveyed opposite or distorted meanings to all but the serious students.

The Fool of the Tarot is the pictorial statement of the One Force, the No Thing (0) year Everything to all Men. It is all seasons, all forms, and all activities. The Joker natives, people born every December, 31 are a law to themselves. They belong in the "Crown Line" much as the other three cards. It is impossible to analyze them; they hold the key to themselves - and guard it.

Destiny Cards - The Door is Open

There are great Cosmic Patterns showing the important steps which lead to the upliftment of each of us to a point where union with the Higher Self is attainable. Perhaps the purpose of Earth evolution is to restore humanity to its full creative ability, working in harmony with the Divine Plan. There is a purpose behind the Universe, which the religious of all ages have known, and each has outlined a tentative spiritual path to super-consciousness. Within the unending cycles of birth and death there must be profound meaning.

Nothing is more important for humankind to realize the Oneness of all things, of time, of purpose, of effort. Love and Law are one, even as the forces in nature are One. Each manifestation seeks to express that phase of its position given by its Creator. Only we humans abuse that position given, by our choices between good and evil. We may rise to become truly great in mastership, or we may regress many steps in character.

The study of ourselves in relation to the whole - or to God - and the Oneness of all Force, will awaken something within our soul-selves to a full realization of the part we must play in future cycles of manifestation. To every one of us a door is open, a new vision.

Destiny Cards and Relationships: Planetary Influences

The Destiny Cards offer fascinating insights into our compatibility with others. They reflect aspects of our personality, including strengths, abilities, weaknesses, and psychological patterns. To understand how you relate to someone, it's essential to explore the planetary relationships of your personal cards. This involves examining your birth cards, your planetary rulers, and your Karma cards. By identifying the connections that exist between these sets of cards in both the mundane and spiritual spreads, you can gain a deeper understanding of your interpersonal dynamics and how you interact with others on various levels.

Destiny Cards - The Future State of Illumination

Destiny Cards provide a unique way to understand ourselves and view our lives from a fresh perspective. They serve as an additional tool, complementing and clarifying our astrological and numerological profiles. These cards are meticulously calculated based on elements such as our attitudes, emotions, and how we react to others and ourselves.

Destiny Cards provide a unique way to understand ourselves and view our lives from a fresh perspective. They serve as an additional tool, complementing and clarifying our astrological and numerological profiles. These cards are meticulously calculated based on elements such as our attitudes, emotions, and how we react to others and ourselves.

In the journey of life, each card in our path, along with our set of birth cards, are interconnected pieces in the intricate puzzle of existence. It's important to note that in this system, there are no inherently "bad" or "good" cards, nor are there "good" or "bad" life paths. Instead, every card represents lessons to be learned and opportunities to develop and use our talents and abilities to overcome challenges and achieve success.

Our uniqueness is a key aspect of the Destiny Cards system. Even though individuals sharing the same birthday may have similarities, the influence of different parents, genes, and life experiences shapes us into distinct people. Our reactions and expressions in various situations are unique to us. Each card, symbol, and number can manifest in both positive and negative ways. By responding positively to the vibrations of our birth, we can achieve peace and harmony in our surroundings.

Our birth cards are not just about predicting the future; they offer a pathway for enhanced self-expression, showing us both our current state of evolution and our potential destiny. This system encourages us to strive for a state of illumination, understanding both where we are now and where we have the potential to go.